For the book character, see Ember.
Biographical Information
Status Deceased
Relatives Umber (brother)†
Physical Information
Race God
Gender Male
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Blue
Occupation God of Fillory
Portrayed by Dominic Burgess
First Appearance Have You Brought Me Little Cakes
Last Appearance We Have Brought You Little Cakes

Ember is one of the twin gods of Fillory


In contrast to his brother Umber, Ember has a chaotic and whimsical personality. Ember, as a god that represents chaos and entrophy, is quite easily bored and has a tendacy to do something wildly destructive or harmful when ever his boredom reaches his breaking point. He has been described by his brother Umber as a child that would smash a playing board in a tantrum. 

Ember also held great love for his brother, but also hated Umber's stiff and rigid personality. After he discovered that his brother fled and abandoned him, he was filled with great murderous rage and slew his brother.


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