Biographical Information
Status Alive
Physical Information
Race Earth Human
Gender Female
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Occupation Magician
CEO of Fuzz Beat
Organizations Fuzz Beat

Harriet is a Magician who runs a media company called Fuzz Beat, which is a clickbait article generating platform. The clickbait articles are actually disguised magical knowledge, such as spells and potions. Disguised with illusion magic, Fuzz Beat is intended to be the online version of The Library, though they don't limit the public's access to their knowledge like The Library does.

Harriet tried to get into the Poison Room with a spell ending with the death of a Librarian.[1]


Harriet is a woman in her late thirties, with blonde hair down to her shoulders.


Harriet is a smart and resourceful woman. Being deafened, she expresses herself with American Sign Language, giving a sense of mastery in the use of finger casting in a very particular way. Although she is resentful toward the Librarians, Harriet has proved friendly to Kady, helping her in her search for a way to kill Reynard the Fox.

Magic and AbilitiesEdit

Harriet is a cunning magician whose talents are somewhat interwoven with intricate illusions and magic seals.



  • The media company run by Harriet, FuzzBeat, is clearly a spoof to BuzzFeed.


  1. Tge Girl Who Told Time

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