For the book character, see Jane Chatwin.
Jane Chatwin
Biographical Information
Also known as Eliza
The Watcherwoman
Status Deceased
Relatives Martin Chatwin (brother) †
Rupert Chatwin (brother) †
Physical Information
Species Human
Gender Female
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Blue
Occupation Magician
Brakebills Scout (freelance, formerly)
The Watcherwoman (formerly)
School None
Discipline Group Knowledge (possibly)
Discipline Horomancy
Portrayed by Esmé Bianco (adult Jane)
Rose Liston (young Jane)
First Appearance Unauthorized Magic
Last Appearance A Life in the Day
"Who are you?"
"Just another inadequate Magician who's lost people.
Quentin and Jane[src]

Jane Chatwin was the sister of Martin and Rupert Chatwin. Under the guise of Eliza, she helped Quentin to deal with The Beast. She was later revealed to be the Watcherwoman, a villain from the Fillory and Further series.


Jane was a tall, slender woman with curly red hair. She often wore knee-length skirts and dress shirts, and a long black cloak during her time as the hooded Watcherwoman. She took the guise of a paramedic during her first encounter with Quentin Coldwater.

Magic and AbilitiesEdit


  • Master Hedge Magician: Though she lacks the formal training from a magical institution such as Brakebills, Jane has been able to use magic just as well as other mainstream Magicians, with the only difference being that she learned the spells in a purely practical way instead of first understanding the basics of magic. Like her brothers, Martin and Rupert, Jane learned magic on her own, likely from studying the extensive collection previously held in Castle Whitespire's Armory before it was looted.
    • Horomancy: Jane was given a silver stopwatch by the Fillorian god, Ember, that was created by the Dwarves of Fillory. The powerful artifact allowed Jane to manipulate time on a cosmic scale, according to Dean Fogg. She used this power to travel through time, eventually becoming the infamous Watcherwoman, as well as creating time loops across worlds, essentially granting her a reset button each time she failed to destroy The Beast.
    • Interdimensional Travel: Jane has been shown able to travel between Earth and Fillory with ease.


  • Gifted Intellect: In the Fillory and Further series, Jane was described as extraordinarily clever, being able to solve complex riddles and escape difficult situations through use of her intellect. Even without the full comprehension of magical theory as taught at magical institutions, Jane is still intelligent enough to understand it's basics. As is the standard for all Magicians, Jane possesses an at least Above Average level of intelligence that enables her to grasp the concept of magic and apply it in the physical world. She was able to escape the clutches of the Madness Maker, a trickster magician gone insane, by beating him at his own game, a testament to her intellect.