Biographical Information
Status Deceased
Physical Information
Race Unknown
Gender Male
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Discipline Group Traveler
Portrayed by Jonathan Scarfe
First Appearance Homecoming
Last Appearance Homecoming

Joe is a Traveler from another world.


He is first seen in an affair with Stephanie Quinn. When she told her husband Daniel this, he wound up in a polyamorous relationship with them. After the two's daughter Alice and her boyfriend Quentin need a spell to get their friend Penny back from another world, he tells them how they can do one that will bring him back with sex magic. When Quentin gets surprised, he tells him all magic is sex magic in his world.

In Remedial Battle Magic, Alice learns Joe killed himself from her mother due to hearing threatening voices. Penny surmises this was from the Beast as Joe had been a traveler, to stop anyone from entering other worlds.

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