For the book character, see Josh Hoberman.
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Josh Hoberman
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Biographical Information
Also known as The Animal
A Lover of Tomatoes
Isaac (mind wiped identity)
Status Alive (40th Timeline)

Deceased (23rd Timeline)

Age 25
Physical Information
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Occupation Magician
Student (formerly)
Uber Driver
School Brakebills
Discipline Group Natural
Portrayed by Trevor Einhorn
First Appearance Thirty-Nine Graves
Last Appearance Will You Play With Me?
"I could turn into a bird, or make a rose bloom. And I saw actual Fillory! And I banged a werewolf - yes, that is weird, but also rad, because who gets to do that? And I wasn't just some extremely average nobody; I was gifted. I didn't just belong somehwere, I belonged everywhere because I was a magician."
—Josh Hoberman[src]

Josh Hoberman was a Brakebills student who was part of the missing class of Third-year students whose members vanished under mysterious circumstances in 2014.


While in school, Josh was a friend and classmate of a skilled Traveler named Victoria. One night, Victoria told Josh she was able to travel to Fillory and they decided to vacation there, along with most of their class. Victoria succeeded in teleporting all of them and they enjoyed the pleasures of Fillory until they were tricked into going on a quest by The Beast, leading to most of their deaths. Victoria teleported Josh to The Neitherlands before heading back to Fillory and Josh spent weeks (an equivalent of two years on Earth) in the Neitherlands, dodging the Beast's henchmen, creating a shelter and growing food to survive.

He eventually met Alice, Penny, Margo, and Eliot, and brought them to his shelter for protection, where they informed him of the passing time on Earth, while he told them of his story. He knew where the Fillory fountain was and the group made their way to the fountain into Fillory. Josh helps them free Victoria from the Beast's prison and Josh and Victoria leave Fillory, not willing to confront the Beast.

Josh is from Yonkers, Westchester County. This is revealed when Elliot says, “Eternal glory awaits you o’ Joshua from Yonkers, eternal glory.”


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Magic and AbilitiesEdit



  • Gifted Intellect: Josh is able to grasp the full comprehension of magical theory as yaught at Brakebills. As is the standard for all Magicians, Josh possesses at least an Above Average level of intelligence that enables him to utilize the concept of magic and apply it in the physical world.