For the book character, see Julia Wicker.
Julia Wicker
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Biographical Information
Also known as Hedgebitch
Vicious Circe
The God-Touched
Hedgewitch Buffy
Status Alive
Relatives Mackenzie Wicker (sister)
Physical Information
Species God-Empowered Human
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Occupation University Student[1]
School Columbia University[1]
Brakebills (alternate timeline)
Discipline Group Knowledge
Discipline Knowledge
God Magic
Organizations Marina's Safehouse (formerly)
Free Trader Beowulf (formerly)
Portrayed by Stella Maeve
First Appearance Unauthorized Magic
"One thing I've learned about you, Ms. Wicker, is that you are a searcher."
"You don't know me."
"39 times I've known you. Which is why I trust that you'll put aside your fear and self-pity and look for the answers that can save you.
Dean Fogg and Julia Wicker[src]

Julia Wicker is a talented Hedge Witch and Quentin Coldwater's best-friend from childhood. After being rejected by Brakebills, Julia spirals down a dark path in her pursuit of magic, eventually finding her way to the Hedge safe houses of New York City. Julia has always been a perfectionist and an overachiever. She's embraced pragmatism; a nice apartment, a respectable boyfriend, an acceptance to Yale. Everything Julia has wanted, Julia's gotten. Except for magic. And she will do anything to get it.


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Learning about MagicEdit

Like Quentin, Julia was given an exam to determine if she could attend Brakebills. Upon told she failed and her memory was going to be wiped, Julia argues with the professor, but he denies her logic, and proceeds to wipe her memory. Before that, she cut her arm to remember the existence of magic. With her memories wiped, Julia tries to vividly remember why she cut her arm, eventually remembering and finding a spell on the internet to create flashes of light. Upon this, Julia invites Quentin to a party where she shows him what she can do and begs him for help. Quentin suggests that Julia move on and find something else to do with her life, saying that being capable of performing magic doesn't mean she has potential. Few moments after, she's attacked by a stranger, and to protect herself, she shoots lights out of her hands. Now understanding she can use magic, the stranger, whose real name is Pete, takes her to a safehouse and tests her. In this safehouse, she starts learning magic with other hedge witches, like her. During this time, Quentin comes to the safehouse looking for a book that was stolen, by Kady, and Julia fights with him, saying he didn't even try to tell Brakebills' faculty about her, which he responds by saying she's doing party tricks while he's doing real magic. Hurt by her best friend, Julia acts in revenge, along with Marina, who trap Quentin in a Scarlotti's Web. In an attempt to save him, Dean Fogg sets the wards down, which Marina uses to enter Brakebills and get her memories back. Understanding Quentin couldn't be saved, Julia betrays Marina and tells the truth, which ends up not being very useful as at that point the spell had gone too far. Enraged by this Marina expelled Julia from her safe house and marked her as a rejected hedge witch by burning the stars on her arm. She then tells Julia that she has no idea what it means to be cut off from magic but now she will.

Alone again, Julia keeps trying to learn magic but as a rejected hedge witch she has difficulty finding a safe house to learn. In search of magic, Julia Makes some stupid decisions along the way, that made her lose her boyfriend, James, and align with Kady's mom, Hannah, a reckless woman. When both try to steal Marina's spells and magical info, with a spell Julia created, Hannah is killed by a safeguard Marina put in place which sends Julia into a deep depression. Julia spends time at a rehab facility, as requested by her sister, and meets Richard, a Brakebills graduate with a secret project that he wants to share with her. But first, she's got to be tested, again, by summoning a shy harvest deity, that she successfully passes. Back home again, Julia spends days in an online group made by Richard, called Free Trader Beowulf, who planned to meet at her house. When doing so, Kady appears, with the name code Asmodeus, and they meet once again, creating a little of tension in the group, which is surpassed by Kady and Julia working together to level up to 250, while the rest of the group is working in the secret project. When finished, they were introduced to the secret project: Richard was trying to turn back time, through invoking a deity who would grant them with enough power to do so.

After multiple attempts, Julia and Kady found a magician who, after their payment, gave them an invocation to summon Our Lady Underground. The group prepares the ritual and executes it. After the ritual, Julia believes the Goddess sent her friends on great missions, as well as telling her that her destiny was to find greater magic.

Quentin, left with no other choices, and away from his group and unable to get back to Fillory, goes looking for Julia. He reveals to her that in 39 previous time-loops created by Jane Chatwin, Julia had always been accepted as a student of Brakebills, something recently told to him by Henry Fogg. The 40th time loop was the exception, as Jane altered Julia's fate so that she had instead been denied entry and would be forced to seek out new and different magic to become stronger. Quentin sought out Julia to travel to the past Fillory with him and they successfully managed to reach it. Julia and Quentin eventually managed to reach the present day Fillory and reach his friends, with the aid of Jane Chatwin who told Quentin to watch out for Julia as Jane sensed that she recently had a pleasant memory placed over a tragic memory. After acquiring the blade that can kill the Beast, they discovered that only a master magician could hold it, as any attempts for Quentin and his friends to do so would burn them. After Ember gave them his seed to infuse a magician with his magic, he noticed Julia's mind had been magically altered and, against Quentin's wishes, removed the memory spell.

Julia remembered what really happened: the ritual summoned Reynard the Fox, a trickster god, not Our Lady Underground. Killing everyone, Reynard attempted to kill Kady next, only for Julia to intervene, demanding Reynard leave Kady alone. As Reynard seized her, Julia called out to Kady to flee, unable to stop Reynard as the god raped Julia and left her with the corpses of her dead friends. Unknown to Julia, this infused her with Reynard's power, making her as powerful as Alice after drinking Ember's gift, which she later realized. Julia, unable to reach out to anyone, called Marina to help her. Marina crafted false memories for Julia of summoning the goddess and achieving everything she wished. With her memories restored Julia was traumatized and unable to cope. As the group faced off against the Beast, Alice was defeated as Julia had taken the Leo blade. The Beast incapacitated Eliot, Margo, and Alice and cut off Penny's hands before Julia forced the beast to make a deal at knife-point: revenge for her rape and her friend's death, as the Beast (actually Martin Chatwin after consuming Fillory's magic), was strong enough to go against the deity. Agreeing to the deal, the Beast teleported to Earth with Julia.[2]

Making a Deal with MartinEdit

Julia and Martin arrived on Earth, where they sealed the terms of their partnership with a Word as Bond. While grinding out a plan to trap and kill Reynard, Martin offered Julia the chance to have her Shade removed, thus ending her pain, and subsequently losing her humanity. He promptly begins the procedure when she expressed her curiosity, reaching his hand into her soul to grasp her Shade, to which Julia gasped at the sensation of her troubles momentarily vanishing. However, Julia ultimately rejects Martin's offer, ordering him to put her Shade back in place, from which she needed to catch her breath as the pain hit her all over again. Recovering, she continues to plan their attack on Reynard.

As she created the foundations for a mock summoning, similar to the one her and the members of Free Trader Beowulf used, Martin explored her apartment, singing as he waited for her to finish. When Julia pointed out his hindrance to the process, he begs out suggestions to help, in that she should try a new symbol to summon the god, since Reynard would recognize the old one. Martin also suggests using bait, which he delivers to Julia a captured Marina. Julia disagrees with using a hostage but asks Marina for help, which is rejected. Julia meets with Quentin, who warns her of the Magicians' plan to kill the Beast and wants her to cut ties with Martin. She rejects it, seeing Martin as the only one who could kill Reynard, and the two do not reach a mutual agreement. But before leaving, Julia does warn Quentin that castle was cursed by Martin. Marina returns to Julia's apartment, agreeing to help, and the two Hedge Witches and the Beast continue the efforts in taking down Reynard.[3][4]

She, Marina, and Martin went to an abandoned warehouse so Marina could perform the ritual to lure out Reynard. As she was performing it, Martin teleported himself and Julia away from the area, to prevent Reynard from discovering their trap. Julia made her way back to the warehouse to find Marina gone, and Martin predicted the Fox answered the summons but wanted to stalk Marina to her home rather than attack her on the spot. The two made it to Marina's apartment but she set wards up, preventing them from helping as she was being tortured by Reynard. They took down the wards and Martin was able to trap Reynard. As Julia was preparing to stab him with the knife Penny arrived and grabbed the Beast. Julia grabbed Penny, trying to stop him and she dropped the knife. Penny teleported them all to Fillory where the Physical Kids were prepared to attempt to kill Martin, but Julia stood in the way and Quentin was forced to intervene, saving Julia but allowing Martin to escape. After that Julia was promptly brought back to Earth by Penny. After trying to tell Penny to take her back to Fillory, he merely stated it wasn't his problem to deal with. Julia, in spite, snagged and broke the two charms which enabled the Traveler to control his already cursed hands, much to Penny's dismay. Julia returned to Marina's apartment where she found Marina's mangled body, Reynard and the magic knife were gone.[5]

Quest to kill a GodEdit

After this failure, Julia located her friend Kady who had relapsed into her heroine addiction after the events of Reynards attack. Julia helped Kady recover and enlisted her in her quest to kill Reynard. Using a spell the pair stole from the Brakebills library to temporarily resurrect Marina, they attained from her the knowledge that Reynard was on earth in the 80's and left a trail of murder and rape in his wake until a powerful hedge witch, Dana, banished him. Julia and Kady began searching for Dana but soon realized Julia was pregnant with Reynard's child. When they located Dana she held Julia against her will stating that she banished Reynard all those years ago by harnessing the power of the birth of her child, a product of Reynard's sexual assault on Dana. The demigods birth provided enough magic to banish him, she told Julia that she must undergo birthing his child in order to banish him once again. Kady was able to locate Julia and rescue her, taking Dana's Haxen Paxen (a magical creature that provides a type of 'invisibility' from magical detection, even gods) leaving Dana unprotected from Reynard who quickly found and killed her.

When attending an appointment to abort the demigod fetus, it displayed powerful magic controlling the minds of the staff at the abortion clinic and forcing the physician to kill herself. Julia and Kady were left seeking assistance from the underground magical community, specifically a Mudang, who specializes in such matters. The hefty cost of such a ritual led Julia and Kady to work with Quentin and his friends to rob a bank. After the robbery Julia underwent the ritual and aborted the child, but during the procedure her shade was severed.


Without her shade Julia felt a tremendous relief from her previous trauma. No longer bound by shame, fear, regret, or pain, only a desire to achieve her goal and kill Reynard at all costs. Julia's behavior without her shade became selfish and reckless, no longer bound by morality or empathy, often endangering the lives of those she previously cared for with no thought to their wellbeing as long as it furthered her goals. Quentin sent Julia to Fillory to keep her safe from Reynard and find something that could conceal her from him. Making a deal with the Lorian illusion magician Illario, she acquired a charm that could make her undetectable to a god. Upon returning to earth, Julia, Kady, and Penny located Reynard and Dana's child, Senator John Gaines, Julia produced a knife and expressed a plan to kill John and use his demigod energy to kill Reynard. Kady and Penny prevented Julia from harming the senator and instead kidnapped him, taking him to Brakebills where he would be safe behind the schools protective wards. After Julia nearly got her best friend Quentin killed by using him as a potential weapon against Reynard (Quentin having niffin Alice sealed within him), Kady locked Juia within the 'clean room' in Brakebills, preventing her from using any magic. Telling Julia that she was simply too dangerous and reckless. Julia then began reflecting on the person she once was.

After being released from the clean room by Dean Fogg Julia began to carefully consider her actions and how they effected those around her based on her memories of empathy and what her previous self would have done. Quentin accompanied Julia to the underworld to locate her shade. While in the underworld Julia learned the true identity of Our Lady Underground, The goddess Persephone. Upon finding her shade, Quentin also found Alice's shade. They could only bring back one and after reflecting on the right thing to do, Julia opted to bring back Alice's shade and leave hers behind to help her friends over herself. Julia assisted in using Alice's shade to restore niffin Alice to human form and then began working with Kady and John to find a way to kill Reynard without killing John, Stating that it was possible for John to simply learn magic to kill Reynard himself. They learned that Reynard was killing hedge witches who prayed to and tried to summon Persephone because he once loved her until she abandoned him. After Reynard killed John's wife as punishment for working with Julia and Kady and attempting to force John to embrace his hate in an attempt to make John more like him, John committed suicide by forcing Kady to kill him so she and Julia could use his energy to create a weapon against Reynard.

Julia forged a god killing Bullet from Johns energy and set a trap for Reynard with Kady. The two used magic to simulate a storm that was often the setting for the appearance of Persephone on earth, fooling Reynard into believing she had returned. When Reynard arrived Julia was able to surprise him by using the invisibility charm she acquired in Fillory but before she could fire the gun, the storm instantly cleared and Reynard and Kady where frozen where they stood. At that moment Persephone appeared, pleading with Julia to spare Reynard because he was her son and warning her that killing a god had dire consequences. Appealing to Julia's capacity for mercy Persephone left the choice to Julia who ultimately decided to spare Reynard and allow Persephone to take him away. Kady was furious at Julia for essentially wasting John's death and leaving Reynard alive after everything they'd been through. After Kady stormed off, Julia discovered her shade waiting for her, a gift from Persephone.

The Loss of MagicEdit

With her shade restored, Julia was hit with all her emotions and trauma once again, compounded by the actions and choices she made without her shade. She remained alone in her apartment processing her trauma, experiencing panic attacks. Eliot then visited Julia to obtain the invisibility charm and, in an attempt to give Julia reprieve from her pain, asked her to help him and Quentin save Fillory from Ember. Julia travelled with Quentin to Vancouver to Umbers home and after Umber took Quentin into his Pocket World within a snow globe, Julia grabbed it and entered Fillory through the clock portal. When Ember began to destroy Fillory Julia shook the snow globe forcing Umber to exit his pocket world with Quentin right in front of Ember. Ember flew into a rage at his brothers betrayal and killed him. When Ember killed Umber Julia used the same spell she used to forge the god killing bullet to create a god killing sword out of Umbers energy. She provoked Ember to distract him while Quentin summoned the sword into his hands and stabbed Ember, Killing him. The murder of Ember, at the hands of a human, had sever consequences as warned by Persephone. The Old Gods, responsible for the creation of reality itself, in response to a human murdering a god, cut off access to magic from all worlds. Only creatures that are inherently magical (having magic in their DNA) where capable of using any magic, with all other magicians left powerless and all previous spells and enchantments slowly fading away.

Shortly after the loss of magic, Julia contacted Quentin and met with him on the Brakebills grounds which where no longer protected by its magical wards. She then showed Quentin something remarkable, She used a spell to summon sparks of energy from her fingertips, displaying an ability to still use magic. Quentin and Julia then began studying Julia's capabilities, Quentin believing that she may be the key to restoring all magic.


Julia has long, wavy chocolate brown hair, dark brown eyes, and an olive brown skin.


Julia is a headstrong, passionate young woman who is used to getting what she wants, attaining it at all costs. Highly intelligent, it only makes her all the more dangerous, as she disregards her own safety (as well as those of others) to reach her goals, which comes with drastic consequences. Without her Shade, she was even more dangerous and destructive, stating that she could recall what it meant for her to feel emotions like doubt, fear, and remorse, but no longer deemed them relevant. This cold logic has pitted Julia against her allies even before she became Shadeless. Despite her ambition, she is a very kind and caring person. Elliot was able to empathize with Julia while she was in her broken state, as he recognized the actions of a person with a broken spirit due to his own emotional weaknesses.

However, even without a Shade, Julia was able to recognize her actions as wrongful and misguided. When she realized she would lose her allies and friends due to her action, she made the conscious effort to gauge her actions based on her previous experiences and emotions, factoring in how the 'old Julia' would go about doing things. This led her to leave her own Shade in Elysium in order to rescue Alice's in order to help Quentin revive Alice from her state as a Niffin. Her own Shade agreed with this, as they both understood it was the right thing to do for her best friend.

Shadeless Julia also spared the Trickster God, Reynard the Fox, due to her no longer pursuing her goals selfishly.

Magic and AbilitiesEdit

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"The reason you treat magic like a drug, is because the people that taught it to you act like drug dealers. They buy it and they sell it, and they fight and they fuck for it. Well, that's not the only way to live."
Richard Corrigan to Julia[src]


S3E09 17 Julia Powers

Julia's divine power.

  • Master Magician: Though she lacks the training from a magical institution such as Brakebills, Julia has been able to use magic just as well as other formally trained magicians; the only difference being that she learned spells in a purely practical way instead of first understanding the basics of magic like Quentin. Nevertheless, this has made her no less capable than any other magician. In fact, she's to be arguably considered more so, as even though she had absolutely no religious beliefs, she was the only one to be listened to by a shy, minor Goddess of the Harvest. Even Persephone has displayed an almost maternal affection for Julia, demonstrating that she is closer to the gods than most people. Some spellcraft she has displayed include conjuring invisible fire, teleporting objects, creating miniature thunderclouds, glamoring ID cards and even performing reverse entropy (the final step to becoming a full-trained Hedge Magician). She has been able to do collaborative magic when she and Marina hexed Quentin with the Scarlotti's Web, as well as when she and Richard utilized a benevolent form of the Scarlotti's Web to bring peace to a sick magician, and most notably when she and the members of Free Trader Beowulf summoned a god. With the link to the Wellspring severed by the Plumber, she's the only Magician shown to possess magic due to Persephone giving her Reynard's seed of power.  While in Timeline 23, Julia was, again, able to use the Leo Blade which can only be wielded by master magicians.
    • Meta-Composition:

      Julia displaying her advanced magical comprehension.

      In one of the 39 alternative timelines created by Jane Chatwin, when she was admitted to Brakebills, her discipline was revealed to be Meta-Composition, categorized as a Knowledge disciple. Although she hasn't been sorted into a discipline in the present timeline, Julia's comprehension of obscure magic, such as Horomancy, allowed her to create the Quarterback, a magical device that used Horomancy to manipulate time over a small area. When the Old Gods sent the Plumber to strip the universe of magic, Julia was shown to be the only magician capable of casting spells, a testament to her comprehension of the energy.
    • Portal Creation: Julia was able to create portals to transfer herself and others to different locations, notably doing so to confront Reynard at a park after tracking him down with a locator spell.
    • Healing: Julia has used the spark to heal both Kady when she attempted suicide and to heal Marina's scares from their Beast's attack on hedges and she healed her migraines as well in an alternate timeline.
    • Horomancy: When Skye was bleeding out due to her necklace's effects, Julia froze her in time, stopping her death, then later reversed the effects.
    • Battle Magic: Due to Julia's god like power, Julia was able to cast the Rhinemann Ultra against the 22nd's version of the beast, Quentin.
    • Warding: Julia replaced the wards on Brakebills to keep Irene out after the fairy insistent. Dean Fogg was amazed that she had enough power to put up all of the wards.
  • Magic Spark: Julia has an innate spark of magic within her that was bequeathed to her from Our Lady Underground, Persephone. The spark was awarded to her after she spared Reynard the Fox. This spark allowed her to perform magic even when the Plumber shut off magic for humans making her status akin to that of a magical being, which have no problem holding onto their magic. Additionally, it has been said and stated that the more acts of kindness that Julia performs, the more the "seed" of magic will grow within her. Which is evident as Julia could barely make sparks at the end of Season 2 but was able to stop time to save Skye. 

Former PowersEdit

  • Essence Boost: After being sexually assaulted by Reynard The Fox, her magic was temporarily boosted to the equivalent of a master magician. While affected by the god's Essence, she was able to wield the Leo Blade, a weapon forged for master magicians. However, the boost has since run out.
  • Fairy Magic: After making a deal with Irene McAllister, Julia was given the essence of a Fairy, which allowed her to use their magic to find Alice Quinn. The magic was noted by Julia to have felt different, and was visibly different than regular magic, as it was much darker than normal.


  • Gifted Intellect: Even without the full comprehension of magical theory as taught at Brakebills, Julia is still intelligent enough to understand it's basics. As is the standard for all Magicians, Julia possesses an at least Above Average level of intelligence that enables her to grasp the concept of magic and apply it in the physical world. She was slated to go to Yale before her discovery and rejection from Brakebills, a testament to her intellect. Also, as revealed in The Girl Who Told Time, Julia was able to splice the sequence of two spells together due to her understanding of their mechanics.
    • Multilingual: Julia, as well as every other Magician, is able to speak and read in a multitude of languages, as it is a basic requirement for spellcasting.
  • Skilled Thief

    Julia stealing money with her new magical abilities

    Julia was able to lift the Leo Blade out from Alice's sheath undetected during the second confrontation with The Beast, as well as adeptly utilize a spell to empty an ATM in New York.



Julia and Quentin are childhood friends who grew apart after discovering magic, due to the separate ways both had to go to learn it. Before the time at Brakebills, Julia was shown to care deeply about Quentin and was aware of his crush on her. Nevertheless, she was in a relationship at the time with James, Quentin's best friend. During the university time, they remained in contact but Quentin refused to help her when she showed him that she could do magic, and even hurt her feelings when he said that she could no more than a party trick. This led to Julia's wicked sense of revenge that trapped Quentin in a Scarlotti's Web which she immediately regrets. After that, apologies were done, but they only really regain contact when Quentin was explained about the timeloops, and told her she was always meant to go to Brakebills. After a period of reconciliation, the two begin to look past their previous issues, even going to Fillory together, yet they break again, this time with more regret and empathy for one another, when Julia aligns with Martin Chatwin to kill a Trickster God. However when it comes down to time to kill the beast, in the mess of the battle Quentin saves Julia so it is assumed that even when mad at one another they will always have that best friend bond. After this, they both get pulled into the tragedies going on in their own lives. After battle you see them both trying to cope and move forward from the tragedies of the past year, with Quentin losing Alice and Julia being pregnant with the trickster gods baby they each have a lot on their plates and spend some time without communicating, only rejoining to robbing a bank, and again to rescue Julia's shade. Currently, is not known how their friendship is, but they seem to reconcile fully and trusting each other, as Quentin was the only one that Julia confidence her magic to.

They met just each other in Marina's safe house but only start having problems when Julia aligns with Kady's mother, which ultimately kills her. Thanks to this, Kady despises Julia, a feeling that disappears when they have to work together in Free Trader Beowulf to complete their training. When Reynard intends to rip out Kady's heart, Julia stands in front of him and tells him to not touch her. The god rapes her instead and Kady runs, intending to go get help, as she explained after, but failing to do so. When Julia's agreement with The Beast fails, and the God ends up immune and killing Marina, she sees herself forced to look for Kady's help and finding her homeless and addicted to heroin. Julia takes her into a home and gives her comfort and both start enjoying each other, even calling themselves "best bitches" as a joke. Julia's forgiveness of the trickster God, leads Kady to resent her as she is unable to understand why Julia did it. The status of their relationship is unknown at the moment.


The Brakebills' Dean has, throughout previous interactions with her, developed a fondness of Julia, and in his own way admires her, possibly because of her stubborn desire to learn and her discipline is the same as his. They look to have a master-disciple kind of relationship, demonstrated in his talk to her in The Girl Who Told Time, while she was held captive in Brakebills' clean room.

Although not much contact has been made by the two, Margo has been enraged by Julia several times, due to her questionable judgment. The only times they've met alone, Margo insults her but ends up helping her, as when she needed the copy of a necromancy book and she needs to rob a bank so she can abort, or compliments her, assuming she admires her in "a sick way", and proceeds to imprison her.

Episode AppearancesEdit


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