For the book character, see Julia Wicker.
Julia Wicker
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Biographical Information
Also known as Vicious Circe (FTB username)
Jules (by Quentin)
Status Alive
Relatives Mackenzie (sister)
Physical Information
Race Earth Human
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Occupation University Student (graduated)[1]
School Columbia University (graduated)[1]
Brakebills (alternate timeline)
Discipline Group Knowledge (alternate timeline)
Discipline Meta-Composition (alternate timeline)
Organizations Marina's Safehouse (former)
Free Trader Beowulf (former)
Murs Magicians (former)
Portrayed by Stella Maeve
First Appearance Unauthorized Magic
Last Appearance We Have Brought You Little Cakes
"One thing I've learned about you, Ms. Wicker, is that you are a searcher."
"You don't know me."
"39 times I've known you. Which is why I trust that you'll put aside your fear and self-pity and look for the answers that can save you.
—Dean Fogg and Julia Wicker[src]

Julia Wicker is a major character in The Magicians. Julia is a talented Hedge Witch and Quentin Coldwater's bestfriend from childhood. After being rejected by Brakebills, Julia spirals down a dark path in her pursuit of magic, eventually finding her way to the Hedge safe houses of New York.


Learning about MagicEdit

Like Quentin, Julia was given an exam to determine if she could attend Brakebills. Upon told she failed and her memory was going to be wiped, Julia cut her arm to remember the existence of magic. Now understanding she can use magic, she seeks out other sources to learn from, disregarding her plans to attend Yale. She starts learning magic with a group of Hedge Witches but is later kicked out over Marina deeming her confession to be a betrayal. Julia spends time at a rehab facility, through the wishes of her sister. After meeting a magician who introduces her to his friends, Julia helps in supposedly summoning Our Lady Underground

It was revealed that in 39 previous time-loops created by Jane Chatwin, Julia had always been accepted as a student of Brakebills. The 40th time loop was the exception, as Jane altered Julia's fate so that she had instead been denied entry. Quentin sought out Julia to travel to past Fillory with him and they successfully managed to reach it. Julia and Quentin eventually managed to reach the present day Fillory and reach his friends, with the aid of Jane Chatwin. After acquiring the blade that can kill the Beast, they discovered that only a master magician could hold it, as any attempts for them to do so would burn them. After Ember gave them a gift to infuse a magician with his magic, he noticed Julia's mind had been magically altered and, against Quentin's wishes, undid her memory spell.

Julia remembered what really happened: the ritual summoned Reynard the Fox, a trickster god, not Our Lady Underground. Killing everyone, Reynard attempted to kill Kady next, only for Julia to intervene, demanding their reward for summoning. However, Reynard explained that he had been forced to kill them, that they had not been forthcoming with their lives as a sacrifice to him, therefore they would have no reward. But Julia relented, demanding their reward as she blocked his advance on Kady, Reynard submitted, taking Julia's offer to sacrifice herself in order to be given the power they petitioned for. As Reynard seized her, Julia called out to Kady to flee, unable to stop Reynard as the god raped Julia and left her with the corpses of her dead friends. Unknown to Julia, this infused her with Reynard's power, making her as powerful as Alice after drinking Ember's gift, which she later realized. Julia, unable to reach out for anyone, called Marina to help her. These false memories were removed by Ember. Traumatized and unable to cope, Julia had Marina alter her memories of the ritual. As the group faced off against the Beast, Alice was defeated as she lost the blade. The Beast incapacitated Eliot, Margo, and Alice and cut off Penny's hands before Julia, at knife-point, made a deal: revenge for her rape and her friend's death, as the Beast (actually Martin Chatwin after consuming Fillory's magic), was strong enough to go against the deity. Agreeing to the deal, the Beast left with Julia.[2]

Making a Deal with MartinEdit

Julia and Martin arrive on Earth, where they finalize their deal where Martin could not hurt her, or her friends, nor act against her until she set the magical dagger down. When planning to lure and kill Reynard, Martin offers Julia the chance to have her shade removed (like he did with his own) to cut her off from her pain and humanity. She rejects the offer and the two continue the plan. As Martin annoys her with his singing, he throws out suggestions to help, in that she should try a new symbol to summon the god, since Reynard would recognize the old one. Martin also suggests using bait, which he delivers to Julia a captured Marina. Julia disagrees with using a hostage, but asks Marina for help, which is rejected. Julia meets with Quentin, who warns her of the Magicians' plan to kill the Beast and wants her to cut ties with Martin. She rejects it, seeing Martin as the only one who could kill Reynard, and the two do not reach a mutual agreement. But before leaving, Julia does warn Quentin that the title of monarch in Fillory was cursed by Martin for the ruler to suffer a test. Marina returns to Julia's apartment, agreeing to help, and the two Hedge Witches and the Beast continue the efforts in taking down Reynard.[3][4]

She, Marina, and Martin went to an abandoned warehouse so Marina could perform the ritual to lure out Reynard. As she was performing it, Martin teleported himself and Julia away from the area, to prevent Reynard from discovering their trap. Julia made her way back to the warehouse to find Marina gone, and Martin predicted the Fox answered the summons, but wanted to stalk Marina to her home rather than attack her on the spot. The two made it to Marina's apartment but she set wards up, preventing them from helping as she was being tortured by Reynard. They took down the wards and Martin was trapped by the Beast and Julia was preparing to stab him with the knife, but Penny arrived and grabbed the Beast and she grabbed Penny, trying to stop him and she dropped the knife. The three were teleported to Fillory where the Brakebills kings and queens were going to kill Martin, but Julia stood in the way and Quentin saved Julia, allowing Martin to escape. Julia was teleported back to Earth by Penny, when she broke his two bracelets which had allowed him to control his cursed hands. Julia returned to Marina's apartment where she found Marina's mangled body and Reynard and the magic knife gone.[5]


Julia has long, wavy chocolate brown hair, dark brown eyes, and an olive brown skin.


Julia is a headstrong, passionate young woman who is used to getting what she wants, attaining it at all costs. Highly intelligent, it only makes her all the more dangerous, as she disregards her own safety (as well as those of others) to reach her goals, which comes at drastic consequences. Without her Shade, she was even more dangerous and destructive, stating that she could recall what it meant for her to feel emotions like doubt, fear, and remorse, but no longer deems them relevant. This cold logic has pitted Julia against her allies even before she became Shadeless. Despite her ambition, she is a very kind and caring person. Elliot was able to empathize with Julia while she was in her broken state, as he recognized the actions of a person with a broken spirit due to his own emotional weaknesses.

However, even without a Shade, Julia was able to recognize her actions as wrongful and misguided. When she realized she would lose her allies and friends due to her action, she made the conscious effort to gauge her actions based on her previous experiences and emotions, factoring in how the 'old Julia' would go about doing things. This led her to leave her own Shade in Elysium in order to rescue Alice's in order to help Quentin revive Alice from her state as a Niffin. Her own Shade agreed with this, as they both understood it was the right thing to do for her best friend.

Shadeless Julia also spared the Trickster God, Reynard the Fox, due to her no longer pursuing her goals selfishly.

Magic and AbilitiesEdit


Julia using a combination of fire magic and telekinesis


Julia threatening a Hedgewitch group with her magic

  • Hedge Magician: Though she lacks the formal training from a magical institution such as Brakebills, Julia has been able to use magic just as well as other mainstream magicians, with the only difference being that she learned the spells in a purely practical way instead of first understanding the basics of magic like Quentin. Nevertheless, this has made her no less capable than any other magician. In fact, she's to be arguably considered more so, as even though she had absolutely no religious beliefs, she was the only one to be listened to by a shy, minor Goddess of the Harvest. Even Our Lady Underground has displayed an almost maternal affection for Julia, demonstrating that she is closer to the gods than most people. Some spellcraft she has displayed include conjuring invisible fire, teleporting objects, creating miniature thunderclouds, glamoring ID cards and even performing reverse entropy (the final step to becoming a full trained Hedge Magician). She has been able to do collaborative magic when she and Marina hexed Quentin with the Scarlotti's Web, as well as when she and Richard utilized a benevolent form of the Scarlotti's Web to bring peace to a sick magician, and notably when she and the members of Free Trader Beowulf summoned a god. Also, when the link to the Wellspring was severed by the Plumber, she's the only one shown that can still practice magic. In one of the 39 alternative timelines created by Jane Chatwin, when she was admitted to Brakebills, her discipline was revealed to be Meta-Composition, categorized as a Knowledge disciple.

Julia as a Knowledge Student.

    • Essence Boost: After being assaulted by Reynard The Fox, her magic was temporarily boosted to the equivalent of a master magician. While affected by the god's Essence, she was able to wield the Leo Blade, a weapon forged for master magicians, just like Alice could.

Julia stealing money with her new magical abilities

  • Skilled Thief: Julia was able to lift the Leo Blade out from Alice's sheathe undetected during the second confrontation with The Beast, as well as adeptly utilize a spell to empty an ATM in New York.
  • Gifted Intellect: Even without the full comprehension of magical theory as taught at Brakebills, Julia is still intelligent enough to understand it's basics. As is the standard for all Magicians, Julia possesses an at least Above Average level of intelligence that enables her to grasp the concept of magic and apply it in the physical world. She was slated to go to Yale before her discovery and rejection from Brakebills, a testament to her intellect. Also, as revealed in The Girl Who Told Time, Julia was able to splice the sequence of two spells together due to her understanding of their mechanics.
    • Multilingual: Julia, as well as every other Magician, is able to speak and read in a multitude of languages, as it is a basic requirement for spellcasting.

Episode AppearancesEdit

Season 1

Season 2


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