Mike McCormick
Mike McCormick
Biographical Information
Status Deceased
Physical Information
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Occupation Magician
Student (formerly)
School Brakebills (graduated)
Portrayed by Jesse Luken
First Appearance The Mayakovsky Circumstances
Last Appearance The Strangled Heart

Mike McCormick was a Magician and Alumni of Brakebills University.


Mike first met Eliot and Margo in the library at Brakebills. Mike and Eliot started dating. However, Eliot soon learned that Mike was an agent for the Beast, and killed him.

Later in Season 1, Eliot found a chronicle of Mike's life in the Neitherlands Library. When he tried to burn it, the librarian banished him and his friends from the library forever.

Magic and AbilitiesEdit


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  • Mike's life-book at the Neitherlands Library says he was a Republican.
  • Mike, though unconfirmed, is likely an expanded version of Eliot's unknown boyfriend from the first novel in The Magicians.