For the book character, see Pearl Sunderland.
Pearl Sunderland
Pearl sunderland
Biographical Information
Status Alive
Physical Information
Race Earth Human
Gender Female
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Occupation Professor
Organizations Brakebills
Portrayed by Anne Dudek
First Appearance The Source of Magic
Last Appearance Hotel Spa Potions

Pearl Sunderland is a magician and a professor at Brakebills University.


Professor Pearl Sunderland questioned Quentin about the events with the Beast, trying to get from him some useful information about the enemy and the way he was able to enter the school. Sunderland also questioned Kady about her knowledge of Battle Magic, a practice forbidden to Brakebills students. When she finished interviewing all the students at Professor Van Der Weghe's lesson during the Beast's attack, Sunderland reassured the students, dismissing classes for the next day. Sunderland continued her research, locating the magic object that gave the Beast a foothold to get into Brakebills. At that point, she interrogated separately Quentin, Alice, Kady and Penny in Dean Fogg's office, finding out what they had done.

When the first year students had to be examined to establish their Discipline, Sunderland examined Quentin's ability coming to the conclusion that he was "indeterminate," since he did not show any attitude to either of them. When Penny was in trouble due to his projection powers, Sunderland and Fogg went to save him and Sunderland offered to help him with extra courses. Because of Penny's lack of interest in studying Astral Projection as suggested to him by Sunderland, he appeared out of thin air during one of Sunderland's astronomy lesson, and the professor had to scold him. The two flirted briefly, but Sunderland refused Penny's avances.

When Penny, Alice, Quentin and Margo Hanson returned from Fillory, Dean Fogg made Sunderland aware of the events and how they would teach Battle Magic to them. The woman was not very enthusiastic about the idea, but she nevertheless helped them to decipher the right codes to find the magically hidden books about Battle Magic in the school library. Noticing Penny's difficulty in handling magic through his hands, Pearl offered to help him through a ritual. Once again, they flirt briefly, but Pearl again refused the advances of the young magician, saying that there could be no romantic relationships between teacher and student.

Appearance Edit

Pearl Sunderland is a woman in her early forties with fair complexion, strawberry blond long wavy hair and bright blue eyes. She is a rather classy dressed woman, often completing her dress with ties that make the otufit slightly masculine. Pearl often styling hair in a bun, and uses bright red lipstick.

Personality Edit

Professor Sunderland is a resolute, smart and attentive woman with a strange sense of humor and a preference for difficult cases as shown in her interest in helping Penny mastering his unusual powers.

Magic and AbilitiesEdit

Professor Sunderland is a shrewd magician with remarkable notions of difficult practices such as Astral Projection and rituals about traveling and healing. As a Brakebills teacher, she is potentially a master magician in her discipline, since she also acted as an examiner during the tests to assess first year students' disciplines.


  • She flirted a few times with Penny.

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