For the book character, see Professor Mayakovsky.
Mischa Mayakovsky
Biographical Information
Also known as Professor Mayakovsky
Status Alive
Relatives Emily Greenstreet (wife)
Physical Information
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair Color Gray
Eye Color Blue
Occupation Magician
Head of Brakebills South
School Brakebills (graduated)
Organizations Brakebills South
Portrayed by Brían F. O'Byrne
First Appearance The Mayakovsky Circumstances
Last Appearance Heroes and Morons (as a bear)

Professor Mischa Mayakovsky is a powerful magician, and the Head of Brakebills South.


Mischa Mayakovsky was once a respected professor at Brakebills North American campus. After a scandal involving his affair with a student, Emily Greenstreet, resulted in the apparent death of another student, Charlie Quinn, he was given a choice, retire in disgrace or transfer to Brakebills South.



Mayakovsky is a grumpy, often angry and secluded person. The way he teaches and pushes student magicians to their limits could easily border on abuse. Even though he has a very glum outlook on life he has shown a capacity for great care and support for Quentin and his friends. Mayakovski's attitude can be explained by his exile and loneliness but he has never abandoned his profound love and respect for magic.

Magic and AbilitiesEdit


  • Master Magician: Like his father before him, Professor Mayakovsky is a renowned Master Magician, possessing the skills, mastery, and understanding of magic that are virtually unrivaled. As such, his magical capability and litany of spellcraft are sufficient enough to allow him to perform great feats with singular gestures, such as when he rendered the entirety of the class at Brakebills South mute. His skill dwarfs that of other Brakebills faculties, so much so that he slanders Henry Fogg constantly, despite the latter's qualifications as Dean the school, stating that "with one fart, [he] releases more magic than Henry Fogg has in his whole life.". He was able to restore the face of Emily Greenstreet after her attempts at a minor shapeshifting spell to alter her face, even though Greenstreet and Charlie Quinn, a student from a prestigious magical family, failed in this attempt. He later forced Quentin Coldwater and Alice Quinn to transform into foxes. Mayakovsky also possesses great insight into the workings of Traveling, able to adequately instruct Penny on mastering this ability, pushing him beyond the boundaries and limitations of Astral Projection, and into true interdimensional traveling. Professor Mayakovsky is also able to construct and maintain at least four magical batteries, sufficient enough in energy to restore a Niffin to it's human form, something he stated would take hundreds of Master Magicians to perform, though the creation of the batteries took him years to make.
    • Telepathy:Mayakovsky was able to swiftly read the mind of Kady after she released her mental wards, learning of her and Penny's plans to free her from Marina once and for all, even though he was located in another section of the Antarctic facility at the time.
    • Portal Creation: At the end of each semester, Mayakovsky creates a portal back into the warded ground of Brakebills in New York.


  • Genius-level Intellect: Mayakovsky is regarded as one of the greatest minds in the magical community, taking after his father, having great knowledge of magical history and lore, so much so that he was able to instruct Penny on the ways of Traveling, even though he himself is not stated to be one. His intelligence allows him to perform the meta-mathematics involved in spellcasting to allow him to innately know the Circumstances surrounding his castings, as well as construct magical formulas and equations on the fly, such as when he calculated the odds of resurrecting Niffin Alice as a human again. As is standard for all Magicians, he is able to utilize the concept of magic and apply it to the physical world.
    • Multilingual: Mayakovsky speaks his native Russian tongue, and is fluent in English, albeit with a thick Russian accent. Like all magicians, he can also speak and read in a multitude of languages, including currently dead or archaic ones, such as Old High Dutch, Latin, Old Arabic, and much more taught in the Brakebills curriculum.
    • Experienced Educator & Administrator: As Professor of and primary teacher in Brakebills South, he is entrusted with the safety of his students from external forces and internal mishaps attributed to young magicians. As such, he singlehandedly oversees the abilities of his students during their semester spent with him, though he generally shows a lack of interest in their activities beyond his instruction.

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