For the book character, see Reynard the Fox.
Reynard the Fox
Biographical Information
Status Alive (Possessing Richard's dead body)
Relatives John Gaines (son) †
Persephone (mother)
Hades (stepfather)
Physical Information
Species Deity (powerless)
Gender Male
Eye Color Yellow (formerly)
Occupation Trickster God
Pizza Delivery Driver
Portrayed by Garcelle Beauvais (while impersonating Persephone)
Mackenzie Astin (while possessing Richard)
First Appearance The Strangled Heart
Last Appearance The Fillorian Candidate
"Trickster of the faithful, the pure of heart, and the very stupid"

Reynard the Fox is a Pagan Trickster god and the son of Persephone, Queen of the Underworld.

History Edit

Reynard The Fox deceived Julia Wicker and the Free Trader Beowulf pretending to be Our Lady Underground, a peaceful goddess able to give them great powers. Reynard was actually looking for a way to break free from his imprisonment by finding a foothold in the material world. Once he was summoned by the Free Trader Beowulf, he mercilessly killed most of the members (all but Julia and Kady) and possessed Richard's body after killing him by extracting his heart and eating it. After this, he raped Julia, inadvertently giving her boosted power and resulting in Julia's pregnancy.

After this terrible deed, Reynard began to target many safe-houses of hedge-witches, killing them brutally after he had deceived them in a manner similar to Julia's coven. This attracted Julia's attention, who by then had been allied with the Beast to hunt and kill Reynard.

Having involved Marina Andrieski in their hunt for the monster, they were able to lure Reynard, but the trickster assaulted Marina and tortured her. Trying to save Marina, Reynard was momentarily subdued by Martin Chatwin(the beast) and Julia, but Penny's bad timing thwarted their plan to kill him, resulting in Marina's death.

Reynard again made his appearance after Julia visited another hedge witch and past rape victim of Reynard, Dana, who was able to banish him from the material world through the powerful energy obtained from giving birth to Reynard's son. The witch captured Julia and planned to banish Reynard once again by forcing Julia to keep Reynard's child and harness the energy of the birth. Kady rescued Julia and the two left Dana defenseless. Reynard took advantage of the fact that Dana'a invisibility spell was disrupted and tortured Dana for information about his child, then killed her and got back to hunting Julia.

Reynard appeared on the edge of Brakebills' borders, attracted by the presence of his son, Senator John Gaines. Reynard tried to penetrate his son's mind, but Professor Lipson 's magic hampered the mental invasion. Later, in a clash with Julia and Quentin, Reynard was going to win out over the magicians when his son stepped out and agreed to leave with Reynard as long as he didn't hurt anyone.

After his son John confronted him about what he was doing to the people who were trying to summon 'Our Lady Underground', it was revealed that the reason he hates those who worship her is that he had once loved her and was tremendously hurt when she left him, calling her "an evil bitch". 

Julia shared her discovery about the true identity of 'Our Lady Underground' being the Goddess of the Underworld, Persephone, with John and Kady; and John told them that Reynard's victims were not random and that Reynard hated her. Reynard immediately knew that his son John had gone to the 'witches' and killed John's wife in retribution, leaving a piece of her body (which was an ear) in a box as a gift for him in an attempt to get John to stop trying to be good and embrace his anger and 'true nature' as a trickster demigod. After this, John, never wanting to become like his father, committed suicide to create a weapon against Reynard. Reynard was later lured into a trap by Julia and Kady using a storm to simulate Persephone's arrival on Earth. As Julia did not have a clear shot at Reynard with the god-killing bullet, Kady decided to distract Reynard by taunting him with the death of his son John. Once Julia cornered Reynard with the gun, Persephone appeared and froze both Reynard and Kady. Persephone pleaded with Julia to spare Reynard's life because he was her son and there would be grave consequences for killing a god. After Julia spared him, Persephone took the gun from Julia and expressed her disappointment with Reynard's actions and took him away while also leaving behind Julia's shade.

When Julia Wicker retained a spark of magic after the wellspring was shut off by the gods, Persephone revealed that she placed a "seed" of magic within Julia that came from Reynard. Julia, Kady and Penny 23 sought out Reynard for information on the castle at the end of the world to complete the quest to return magic. When they found him they discovered he was rendered powerless due to his magic being removed and placed within Julia. He was living in an apartment working as a pizza delivery man, forced to live powerless amongst the humans he once terrorized and serve them. Reynard was miserable and overweight living in filth but still retained his near godlike invulnerability and stated that a god killing weapon would be required to kill him. At first he attempted to rattle Julia, mocking her for needing his help. Reynard However quickly felt her new divine magic as she said his tiny spark of power grew stronger within her than it ever did in him. He told the trio that the castle was created to contain a threat that the gods created before they made humans, as to the reason it was placed at the end of the world. A creature they could not kill, only lock away. Reynard attempted to use a gun loaded with the god killing bullet Persephone took from Julia to kill her. Julia quickly froze Reynard in time and took the gun from him planning to use it on the creature in the castle. Reynard stated that Hades, his stepfather, took the gun from Persephone and gave it to him incase his torment grew to be to much for him and he desired death. Penny 23 insisted they use the bullet to kill Reynard but Julia and Kady said that leaving him in his current state was a worse punishment and left, taking with them the one thing Reynard could have used to end his torment.

Personality Edit

Reynard is a conniving and deceitful god who delights in causing mayhem. He's sneaky and violent, capable of doing heinous actions without remorse. He is filled with immense anger towards mortals that revere 'Our Lady Underground', his mother the goddess Persephone, and due to the love he once had for her himself and the pain from her abandonment of him, he believes that he is 'teaching' mortals worshiping her. 

Magic and Abilities Edit

Given his nature as a trickster, Reynard is a master of disguises and transformations of all sorts. His magical abilities were very advanced, allowing him to be almost omnipotent. Like other gods, Reynard is able to bestow upon a magician a boost of magic via absorption of his Essence, making them as powerful as a Master Magician.

Former PowersEdit

  • Divine Physiology: As a Deity, Reynard possesses an unfathomable degree of physical and magical ability. Reynard uses his magic as a natural extension of himself, able to inflict harm on others with slight movements and invade and control humans minds. As a Trickster god, this usually manifests as a sadistic game of cat-and-mouse with the victim of his choosing, though he notably uses his magic for minor tasks, such as restraining and cornering his prey, while he maims them physically. He's been shown to have an appetite for human flesh, a trait he relishes in while brutally slaughtering his way around the world. As a deity, he is able to imbue mortals with his Essence, typically in the form of semen, granting them the power of a Master Magician. The demigod Senator John Gaines was a result of a previous rampage in the 70's, where he raped John's mother Dana, who in turn used her newfound abilities to banish him from Earth. However, his divinity doesn't mean he is invincible, as he is able to be killed by powerful spells, as well as other gods. Also, he is shown to be susceptible to The Beast's Paralysis spell, with only his eyes able to move freely, though he was noted by The Beast to be fighting against the spell, and eventually would've broken free.
    • Divine Magician: Reynard has shown to be above the capability of even Master Magicians, able to execute magic with slight movements. He's capable of slaughtering a group of people in a matter of seconds, and is currently inhabiting the body of Richard Corrigan, having killed him and devoured his heart. The limits of his abilities are not yet known, if there is one.
      • Divine Empowerment: As a Deity, Reynard is able to imbue mortals with a substantial power boost for a limited time. Through the bestowal of his Essence, Reynard is capable of raising a Magician's magical capability to equate that of a Master Magician.
      • Shapeshifting: The true form of Reynard is unknown, as he first appeared as his mother, Persephone, before taking over the form of Richard Corrigan. Presumably, he took on another form while rampaging throughout the 80's, when he assaulted the mother of his demi-god son, John Gaines. After assuming the body of Richard, he's since remained in this form. His true form was glimpsed, however, only once, when he assaulted Julia Wicker, revealing a more bestial visage of the god.
      • Invisibility: Reynard has displayed the ability to conceal his presence from mortals. Notably doing so to follow Marina Andrieski after she completed the ritual to summon Our Lady Underground, revealing himself after she sealed her apartment from the inside with protective wards, trapping herself with the malevolent deity. He performed this tactic once again after Julia and Kady revealed the location of his previous victim, Dana.
      • Mind Control/Telepathy: Reynard is easily able to project his thoughts into the minds of others and overpower the wills of mortals and magicians, allowing him to completely control their actions. Even his demi-god son, John Gaines, was capable of penetrating the mental wards of a skilled magician, Kady .
    • Enhanced Senses: As a deity, Reynard possesses a form of omniscience. Reynard was able to detect the presence of Quentin hiding behind a tree while he was confronting Julia. He was also able to follow the prayers to Our Lady Underground, whom he masquerades as in order to kill his mother's followers. After Julia and Kady unmasked the presence of Dana, Reynard was able to quickly pick up her location, and later, the location of his demigod son, Senator John Gaines, within the protective wards of Brakebills. Reynard can sense the inner workings of a human soul, sensing that Julia had a Shade amputation and the presence of Niffin Alice within Quentin, referring to her as 'that thing inside him'. He was also able to discover John's betrayal after he'd told Julia and Kady about Reynard's true motives behind his Hedge killings. This sense, however, can be fooled, as he was unable to deduce the false arrival of Persephone in Ramifications.


  • Gifted Intelligence: Reynard, presumably like other Trickster gods, is not so easily fooled. For this reason, Martin suggested to Julia to change her tactic for summoning Our Lady Underground, as he deduced that Reynard would recognize the workings of the ritual as being the same as the one performed by Free Trader Beowulf, and wouldn't fall for their trap. He possesses an innate comprehension of magic that far exceeds the capability of humans, being greater than that of a Niffin. Reynard was also able to reverse-engineer and utilize Martin Chatwin 's Paralysis spell on Quentin and Penny after having been exposed to its workings, stating that he 'learned this little trick from Martin'. He often uses his intelligence to fool mortals, ultimately to their demise.


  • Reynard The Fox is a legendary character found in some chanson de geste of medieval literature, known for his cunning and for being one of the literary examples of the "trickster" trope. In modern literature it is primarily known for being used in anti-Semitic propaganda, contributing to create a negative reputation to the character.
  • Reynard's character marks an ongoing, subtle theme of foxes in the Syfy adaptation of The Magicians.

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