For the book character, see Richard.
Richard Corrigan
Biographical Information
Also known as Failstaff
Status Deceased (body possessed by Reynard)
Physical Information
Race Earth Human
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Occupation Chaplain at a rehab center
School Brakebills (graduated)
Organizations Free Trader Beowulf
Portrayed by Mackenzie Astin
First Appearance The Strangled Heart
Last Appearance The Rattening
Ramifications (body)

Richard Corrigan was a magician and member of Free Trader Beowulf.

Appearance Edit

An attractive middle-aged man with a professor-type look.

Personality Edit

Magic and AbilitiesEdit

  • Expert/Master Magician: Richard was a graduate student at Brakebills, very good at teaching to his peers. Richard was a great connoisseur of magic arts, ranging from Spellcasting to praying. Richard was able to create magical doors that connected two locations together. He also helped Julia to gain access to a persons mind. With the help from the other members of Free Trader Beowulf, Richard was able to turn back time a few seconds along with summon Our Lady Underground. However, the summoning didn't go according to plan and the summoning was intersepted by Reynard the Fox who killed most of the group.

History Edit


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