S02E11 Silver
Biographical Information
Also known as silver_kitten (FTB username)
Status Deceased
Physical Information
Gender Female
Hair Color Grey
Eye Color Green
Organizations Free Trader Beowulf (former)
Portrayed by Bobbi-Jean Charlton
First Appearance Homecoming
Last Appearance The Rattening

Silver is a guest character in The Magicians. Silver was one of the members of Free Trader Beowulf, and also a friend to Julia Wicker.


Silver is one of the Free Trader Beowulf members who reach Julia's loft through a magic portal so that they can actively contribute to the group's magic experiments. She participates with Richard, Menolly and Bender to some advanced rituals while Julia and Kady have remained apart, catching up the levels necessary to get in touch with the rest of the group. Initially discouraged by the unsuccessful attempts, Silver regains confidence in their works when Julia receives a visit from "Our Lady Underground" in a dream, and the group is preparing to set up a summoning. Unfortunately, the divine apparition was orchestrated by Reynard the Fox, a mischievous trickster god who slaughtered the entire coven by magically slicing the throats of Silver, Menolly, and Bender after taking possession of Richard's body.

Later, when Julia and Quentin undertook a journey to the Underworld to retrieve Julia's Shade, the souls of Silver and Menolly were in one of the ecosystems with the appearance of a bowling alley. Happy in this afterlife, Silver provided Julia with some useful information in her task.


Silver is a tall woman with strong facial features. She has shoulders-long gray hair, green eyes, and fair complexion. Wearing often foulard, colorful sweaters, and trousers.


Silver is a friendly woman, prone to witty jokes as shown during a chat between members of the Free Trader Beowulf. She is a loyal and protective friend, as shown during Richard's attack when she used her body as a shield for Menolly and Bender.

Magic and AbilitiesEdit

Silver is a self-taught Magician, or Hedge-witch who has proved to possess a discrete magical talent since she was able to perform advanced spells and a summoning, probably likewise with Richard's abilities, who was a Brakebills' graduated magician.

Episode AppearancesEdit

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