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The White Lady
The White Lady
Biographical Information
Also known as Winter's Doe
Status Alive
Relatives The Great Cock (brother)
Physical Information
Gender Female
Hair Color White
Eye Color Purple
Portrayed by Emma Dumont
First Appearance The Flying Forest
Last Appearance The Flying Forest

The White Lady, also known as The Winter's Doe, is one of the seven Questing Creatures of Fillory. She is required to grant a wish to whoever catches her and is the sister of the The Great Cock of the Darkling Woods.


The White Lady was caught by a young Jane Chatwin and granted her wish for a way to travel to Fillory whenever she wanted by giving her a Magical button.


The White Lady's personality is not extensively explored but she seems wise but quite annoyed by humans. As a Questing Creature, it is not unlikely that the constant hunt for her has made her very annoyed by humans who seek her out for wishes. She is concise and to the point. She is very disinterested in the affairs of others and prefers isolation.


The White Lady is an amalgamation of a woman and a majestic white doe. As such, she has the upper body of a beautiful woman with white hair, two small antlers growing from her head, the ears and nose of a white doe and two cloven hoof legs. Her upper body and torso is covered in a fine white fur that becomes much fuller from her waist down.

Magic and AbilitiesEdit

Natural Magical Creature: As a magical creature the White Lady has magic all her own independent of any outside source.

Wish Granting: The White Lady must grant whoever captures her a wish. While extremely powerful The White Lady along with her sibling cannot cross the line between life and death. 

Magical Senses: The White Lady possesses enhanced magical perceptions which allowed her to discern that Quentin Coldwater had recently been "rebuilt" by the centaurs after his near-death battle with the Beast , his status as a magician and a High King of Fillory, as well as Quentin's "home" dimension when she granted his wish and returned him there.