For the book character, see Umber.
Biographical Information
Status Deceased
Relatives Ember (brother)
Physical Information
Race God
Gender Male
Occupation Fillorian God of Order (abandoned)
God of Cuba (formerly)
Fillory and Further Memorabilia Collector (formerly)
Portrayed by Nico Evers-Swindell
First Appearance Ramifications
Last Appearance We Have Brought You Little Cakes

Umber is the Fillorian patron god of Order that presides over the world of Fillory with his twin brother Ember. Umber was long thought to be murdered by The Beast, but actually faked his own death and moved to Vancouver, on Earth. He spent his self-imposed exile collecting Fillory memorabilia throughout the years, enjoying his time away from the world and from his brother.


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"Care to take a visit? Make some notes?
"I'm sorry. But you're acting like I'm asking you. Whereas I am a god and you are a hairless monkey. So nod and say thank you.
Umber and Quentin[src]

In contrast to his brother Ember's representation of Chaos and Entropy, Umber is a god that represents Law and Order. Over the eons, Umber has grown to despise Ember for his chaotic traits that greatly differs from his own more orderly characteristics.

After striking a deal with Martin Chatwin and faking His own death, Umber migrated to Earth to live in peace, away from the chaotic flamboyance commonly attributed to the work of Ember. However, after abdicating his position over His world, Umber held a lot of regret and shame over His abandonment of Fillory and His brother. But He was quick to try to move on and began work on creating a new world which He called 'Cuba', which was quickly renamed 'The Pocket World formerly known as Cuba' after criticism from Eliot Waugh.

Magic and AbilitiesEdit

Umber's magical abilities are very advanced and raw. Like other gods, Umber is able to bestow upon a Magician a boost of magic via absorption of his Essence, making them as powerful as a Master Magician. Despite being a god and stronger than even Master Magicians, Ember called him the weak one out of them.

  • Divine Physiology: As a Deity, Umber possesses an unfathomable degree of physical and magical ability. He is able to imbue mortals with his Essence, typically done in the form of semen, granting them the power of a Master Magician. However, his divinity doesn't mean he is invincible, as he is able to be killed by powerful magic, as well as other deities.
    • Divine Magician: Umber has shown to be above the capability of even Master Magicians, able to execute magic with slight movements. He's capable of creating entire worlds. The limits of his abilities are not yet known if there is one.
      • Matter Creation: Umber is able to create matter from nothing, as showcased when he created Fillory alongside his brother, Ember, and when he created a separate pocket world.
      • Divine Empowerment: Umber is able to imbue mortals with a substantial power boost for a limited time. Through the bestowal of his Essence, Umber is capable of raising a Magician's magical capability to equate that of a Master Magician.
      • Shapeshifting: Umber is capable of transforming his appearance at will through magic. He first appeared to Quentin and Eliot as a normal looking human, although he wasn't able to change his height. This ability, however, has it's limits, as Eliot was able to see through it using a Revelation Charm.
      • Interdimensional Travel: Umber has been shown capable of transporting himself and others through dimensions. This was first done when he abandoned Fillory in favor of Earth, as well as when he pulled Quentin into his pocket world.
    • Enhanced Senses: As a deity, Umber possesses a limited form of omnipotence wherever he is, though it's likely that this power is more substantial in his own world, Fillory.

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