For the book character, see Umber.
Biographical Information
Status Deceased
Relatives Ember (brother)
Physical Information
Race God
Gender Male
Occupation God of Fillory
Portrayed by Nico Evers-Swindell
First Appearance Ramifications
Last Appearance We Have Brought You Little Cakes

Umber is a ram who watches over Fillory along with his brother Ember. Umber was thought to be murdered by Martin Chatwin "The Beast" but actually faked his own death and moved to Vancouver, Canada.


In contrast to his brother Ember's representation of Chaos and Entrophy, Umber is a god that represents law and order. Over the eons, Umber has grown to despise Ember for his chaotic traits that greatly differs from his own more orderly characteristics.

After being forced to flee from Fillory by Martin Chatwin and being forced to fake his own death, Umber held a lot of regret and shame over his abandonment of Fillory and his Brother. But he was quick to try to move on and began work on creating a new world which he called 'Cuba', which was quickly renamed 'The Pocket World formerly known as Cuba'.


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