For the fictional book, see The Girl Who Told Time.
The Girl Who Told Time
Original Air date March 29, 2017
Written by Noga Landau & Henry Alonso Myers
Directed by Joshua Butler
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The Girl Who Told Time is the tenth episode of the second season of The Magicians. It is also the twenty-third episode overall.


A haunting vision moves Quentin to help Julia recover her shade. Penny and Kady search for an overdue library book for The Order, but find an unusual front for magic in the process. In Fillory, Margo tries to hide the deal she made with the Fairies and Eliot's wedding plans get kicked up a notch.[1]


Kady and Penny finds a Deaf woman, who tries to establish The Library just online. She uses a spell to try to get into the Poison Room, a room in The Library with dangerous books not allowed for the public. Sadly, her plan didn't work and she must flee.

Eliot and Margo prepares for the gay wedding. Margo tries to keep the secret of her selling Eliot's unborn child to the fairies. Eliot is not popular, according to his poll spell. He tries to win the people over. He finds out, that he prisoner tries to kill him - again. With a popularity potion and a location spell, he wins the rebellions on his site. Meanwhile Eliot's wife is kidnapped by the fairies.

Quentin finds Julia's shadow in another reality. She needs her shade back, so they need to find a higher being to get into the world and get her shade back.



Guest StarringEdit


  • Jeff Gulka as Timid Servant
  • Nikolai Witschl as Ominous Fairy
  • Pippa Mackie as Receptionist
  • Ricky He as Student
  • Selena Lohan as Fuzzbeat Employee