The Library
Location The Neitherlands
Status Active
Inhabitants The Order

The Library of the Neitherlands is intended to be the source of all knowledge and all books in the world. There are books about magic and books with the entire knowledge about a person: what has been and what will be.

Book Edit

The Library is formed by multiple buildings who surround the fountains, with opace windows and always closed. There is no communiction between the librarians from The Order and outsiders.

As the rest of the Neitherlands, the Library was built and preserved by Master Magicians with knowledge beyond any other magician on Earth.

During the time the Old Gods were summoned, the buildings start to become ruins and many books were destroyed.

TV show Edit

The Library itself Edit

It is formed by a gigantic underground "tunel" or basically a basemente with at least two levels, where all books and knowledge is preserved, either magical or non-magical, as well as books with the life of everyone in existence. Although this last books show past, present and future, they change a lot due to the fact that no one has definite future.

The library is acessible to the public as long as everyone respects the books.

The Poison Room Edit

A room introduced in season 2 episode 10. It is a room with dangerous knowledge, not accessible for the public. A book about how to kill a god is in there, which is the book Kady needs.

TV Differences Edit

There are major differences between the book and TV series. In the TV show you get introduced very fast to the library and it is easily accessible - and open for the public. In the book series, the library is closed and not open for the public.

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