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The Magicians (Fillory and Further)
The front page of The Magicians
Author Jane Chatwin[1]
Preceded by
The Wandering Dune
Followed by
The Door in the Page

The Magicians is the 6th installment of the Fillory and Further series. The book was widely rumored yo have existed among the forums surrounding the series, but no one could ever prove it's existence, until it was delivered to Quentin Coldwater the day he was accepted at Brakebills University.[2]


The book was written by Jane Chatwin with the intention of correcting and clarifying things from the previous books.[1] The story continues immediately after the end of The Wandering Dune



The book was given to Quentin Coldwater by Jane Chatwin and he lost it when he was doing the Brakebills Entrance Exam. It was delivered by Jane herself, again, to his room at The Retreat six months after Alice killed The Beast.

SYFY AdaptationEdit

The book was originally given to Quentin Coldwater by a paramedic named Eliza. Shortly after enrolling at Brakebills, the book went missing from Quentin's belongings.[2] Months later, Quentin discovered that Penny had read the book and thrown it away after having spilled beer on it, and is considered the only person, apart from Jane, to have ever read it.[1]


  • The book was written in February of 1952.[2]


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