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The Neitherlands

The Neitherlands as shown in the TV series

The Neitherlands is "the place between all other places"[1], a transitional world that contains portals to other worlds, including Earth and Fillory.


The Neitherlands is a vast, deserted city with an endless number of fountains that serve as portals to another worlds.

Trivia Edit

  • The Fillory fountain is three squares up and one square left from the Earth fountain.[2][3]
  • In the books, the Earth's fountain statue was of 'a great brass lotus'[4], and Fillory's was the statue of Atlas.[3]
  • In the TV show, the statue of Earth's fountain is that of Hebe the Greek goddess of youth[1], while Fillory's is an aust of the twin gods Ember and Umber.[2]

Gallery Edit

References Edit

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