For the fictional book, see The World in the Walls.
The World in the Walls
The World in the Walls
Original Air date February 8, 2016
Written by John McNamara
Directed by James L. Conway
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Preceded by
Consequences of Advanced Spellcasting
Followed by
Mendings, Major and Minor

The World in the Walls is the fourth episode of first season of The Magicians that first aired on February 8, 2016.


Quentin wakes up in a mental hospital and must set his panic aside to seek the help of the one person he least trusts. Julia is hurt after her fallout with Quentin and commits to learning more powerful spells with the Hedge Witches.




Guest StarringEdit


  • Valerie Tian as Healer Faye
  • Matthew Beairsto as Ellis Wirth-Downs
  • Jagen Johnson as Quentin's Roommate
  • Kevin Li as Young Professor


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