The 12 Unique Beasts of Fillory are creatures that each have their own special abilities.


The Questing Beast(Winter's Doe)Edit

A white stag that can grant anyone 3 wishes.

Seeing HareEdit

A hare that can predict the future of anyone who managed to capture it.

Great Bird of PeaceEdit

A large, flightless, cassowary-like bird that can stop fights with its presence.

Unseen MonitorEdit

A large lizard that can turn a person invisible for a year if they desired.

Utter NewtEdit

Kind WolfEdit

Parallel BeetleEdit

TV DifferencesEdit

Questing CreaturesEdit

Questing Creatures are 7 magical creatures created by Ember and Umber. They grant any wish to whoever is able to capture/corner them, though they cannot cross the boundary between life and death. Questing Creature are required to grant the one who caught them a wish, otherwise they cannot rest.


The White Lady


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