Hi Everyone! today I am going to tell you all my favortite characters in the TV shows. My first favortie charcter is Alice Quinn because se can truen invisiable and can being nonliving things to life. I also can relate to Alice because she is always shy and worried about what others might think about her and her familey, Alice is also brave and couragest. And also Alice dates Quentin Coldwater  but then later brakes up with hime and then dates Penny.

And my second Favortie character is Quentin Coldwater because he is the main character and he is cute. Quentin always beleaved in magic and loves to do magic tricks untill he found out that he has real magic in him. Also Quentin dates Alice Quinn and then Alice brakes up with him and dates penny who is Quentin's roommate. Peeny and Quentin doesn't always see eye to eye all the time.

My third favortie character is Penny. Penny is a boywho can teleport and see other people in truble. Penny needs Quentin to help him save a girl in truble who is in fillory and Quenitn is the only one who know the most about fillory from the books. And Penny can also bring people with him when he teleports.

Myfourth favortie charcter is Penny's girl friend I like her because she likes to breake the rules like me. I also like her because she knows how to fight with magic. I also like penny's girlfiend looks and personalities. I also really like how she and Julia Wicker becauses friends and help each other out a lot in the tv show.

And my fifth  favortie character is Julia Wicker because she was suposed to be at Brakebills school but when Juanit changed it the last time before she died Julia was not going to brakebills that was the thing that was changed. And Julia's best friend is Quentin Coldwater there were friends since 2nd grade almost as long as me and my best friend is. 

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