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  • My occupation is God of Magic, Creation, and Purpose.
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  • Twilight Despair 5

    As we know as of Wednesday’s episode. Quinten from time-line 23 said the vision he saw was Julia opening a door at the end of world. Question what is the monster he said he saw on the other side?

    • 1. One or all of the Old Gods.
    • 2. Maybe the first dragon. As a result of a Book quote. About how the further you go fon looking at the origins of Magic. Eventually the turtles which was used in the quote, would start to look like dragons.
    • 3. Speaking of Turtles. In the Books, Fillory is held by several turtles. So maybe they put this as a reference to the books, with the monster being something similar. As the TV version, Fillory is on a disk.
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  • Twilight Despair 5

    Basic point of the blog is to show what kind of changes, you would like to do if you could change something in the Magicians. I will speak in generalizations as I don't feel like detailing two point of views.

    1. Magic: Magic would be explained as the mysterious power to make events that transcend reason and physics, but at the same time originates from them. Magic would be explained as normally working within science, and rarely completely discarding the laws of science and physics. The reason for this as while magic can do things like render something to Elemental Non-Existence. It shouldn't be done, as breaking the laws of physics completely can without the proper control and understanding can damage reality.

    Science is what holds reality …

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