Point of Blog

Basic point of the blog is to show what kind of changes, you would like to do if you could change something in the Magicians. I will speak in generalizations as I don't feel like detailing two point of views.

1. Magic: Magic would be explained as the mysterious power to make events that transcend reason and physics, but at the same time originates from them. Magic would be explained as normally working within science, and rarely completely discarding the laws of science and physics. The reason for this as while magic can do things like render something to Elemental Non-Existence. It shouldn't be done, as breaking the laws of physics completely can without the proper control and understanding can damage reality.

Science is what holds reality in place, Magic is like the control to reality and just happen to be not be a science.

2. The types of Magic: Magic would be divided into five practices of magic, five spectrums and then the disciplines.


  • Ritual: Using events like time of the year, with items and other things to cast.
  • Magic Items: Using either a magic item or giving an item magic to cast
  • Vocal: Saying a spell
  • Hand: Finger Tuting
  • Will: Mentally casting a spell, and is the highest form of Magic casting.

The Spectrums of Magic.

  • Physical: Manipulation and/Creation of the physical components of reality, Matter and Energy etc.
  • Psychic: Mind based magic, Telekinesis (as the spells themselves start out as using the brain itself) telepathy, clairvoyance, memory magic, illusions, any Magic dealing with spiritual things like souls etc.
  • Space-Time: Using Time, Space, or both in combination. Travelers would be a Discipline of this spectrum.
  • Natural: Manipulation of organ matter.
  • Medicial: Healing, Poison, etc

More to come.

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