We Have Brought You Little Cakes
S2.18 Quentin and Umber
Original Air date April 19, 2017
Written by Sera Gamble & John McNamara
Directed by Chris Fisher
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We Have Brought You Little Cakes is the thirteenth episode and Season 2 finale of The Magicians. It is also the twenty-sixth episode overall.


Quentin, Eliot, Julia and Margo enact a risky plan to protect Fillory; Penny questions fate, and Kady makes a deal to help him.


The episode begins with Ember declaiming to the audience what happened in seasons 1 and 2. He's almost done playing with Fillory, and its end is near.

Penny is dying of radiation poisoning and cancer, they think he has two or three weeks to live. Kady and he think there may be a way to solve it.

In Brakebills South, Alice is trying to learn to do the simplest magic. Julia now has her Shade back, and is paralyzed with guilt and panic attacks from the whole experience now that she has feelings to appreciate. Eliot asks her for the amulet she has to make her invisible to a god (which she had gotten from Ilario in "Word as Bond"), and she gives it to him. He feels she needs something to do other than cry, and invites her to come with him to convince Ember to let them keep Fillory. He likewise has a job for Quentin: He needs someone who speaks fluent fanboy.

Penny and Kady join them, and Penny tells Eliot that his book ends in a few more days, like everyone's do. That done, Kady says Penny's done enough, he should go and get better. They Travel to the Library, where the Librarian says he is needed at once, they need all staff for the emergency, being sick doesn't excuse him from work. Penny transports Kady to Brakebills South.

In Fillory, Josh and Margo find Fen in the fairy realm, and Josh explains that the castle and the fairy realm are not two different places, they are intermingled worlds. Fen says she won't go back to the mortal world without her baby. The fairy queen insists that the deal for the baby stands, but they need to get Ember's attention; they have been asking him for things, and he needs to be offered gifts instead. She gives Josh a plant (he calls it magical hemp) to bake into little cakes, it will be irresistible to a god. But the mortals must pay a travel cost to return to the mortal realm....

Quentin goes to visit Umber, still on Earth, and asks for him to help Fillory. Umber says he can't come back after faking his death, but he corrals Quentin into visiting Umber's new project, another world, which he has developed into a baseball-sized sphere.

Eliot is in the Fillory throne room, and with a flash Josh and Margo are there, but Margo is missing an eye. (That was her travel cost.) They are crestfallen, they went to get Fen and couldn't bring her back, but first we need to deal with Ember.

They set up a grand party and orgy in the throne room, including the little cakes Josh makes from the fairy hemp. This is all fun stuff, meant to attract Ember.

Quentin and Umber are in a surrealistic modernist world, square buildings and straight streets, everything black and white. Umber is curious about Quentin's impressions, and is making notes for improvement. Quentin regards the new world as brutal and bland. Umber says bland is good, it appeals to everyone, but Quentin says people, and even gods, like variety, and even chaos, like Ember exhibits. Umber is angry to be even reminded of Ember.

At the orgy, Ember pops in and enjoys the little cakes. Eliot and Margo say they're sorry, they've been so boring, but they're working on making Fillory more exciting and worth being around. Ember is unconvinced, this world has gone far enough, might as well do away with it. Margo says they'll really make it more interesting. Ember says it would be a lot of work, and he was never into work, his brother Umber was the workaholic.

As he says this, Umber is telling Quentin how he couldn't bear to go back to Fillory, but Quentin says that they are already there.

Julia walks into the throne room carrying the baseball which is Umber's new world. She shakes it, and Umber and Quentin tumble out onto the throne room floor.

Ember and Umber are initially pleased, and then angry, at their reunion. They fight, and Ember kills Umber. Julia draw's Eliot's sword, enchants it, and threatens Ember. Ember waves his hand and starts choking Julia, at which point her sword vanishes, and Quentin thrusts it into Ember. Ember dies.

Back at Brakebills South, Quentin visits Alice, who is still adapting to humanity. Mayakovsky had told her to stay with soft bland food, but Quentin brings a whole plate of bacon. She eats it all, and then complains how every nice thing (like bacon) is married to something disgusting (like the bacon grease all over her hands). Quentin says that's life as animals, and we're animals. They kiss awkwardly, then make love.

Quentin tells Alice that he killed Ember, because he killed Umber and was going after Julia. Alice says that when she was a niffin, she saw everything, she saw the plumbing of the universe; the gods like Ember have parents, the old gods, the makers of magic. To Ember we humans are toys, but to the old ones we're only cells, they ignore us when we're harmless, but when we get malignant they amputate.

As she says this, we see Professor Lipson in the Brakebills classroom, demonstrating magic. A young man with a tollbox enters the classroom, opens up what looks like a junction box in mid-air, revealing a glow of magic. He applies a wrench, the glow disappears, all the magic being demonstrated vanishes, and everyone in the room reacts: the magic went away. There are scenes of similar "plumbers" turning off the magic in the Library and in Fillory.

Two months later, Brakebills no longer has wards, but steel fences. Dean Fogg is lecturing the students in the classroom; he is clearly blind. He says there's no truth to rumors of magic surges on Earth, the magic is gone, but we will continue theoretical studies to be ready for its return.

Friar Joseph's niffin talks to Alice. He is dying due to the loss of magic; magical creatures like dragons and unicorns are all as they were, but those who drew on the Wellspring are dying. But he wants to warn her: as a niffin she made enemies, and one, the Lamprey, remembers what she did to his family. She runs.

In Fillory, Eliot and Margo hear that the loss of magic has left people terrified. Fen arrives and surprises them; she says she paid for the travel back to the mortal realm with her toes, but she wants to warn them: "they are coming." Suddenly the throne room is full of fairies. Outside the castle, we see the fairy queen on a horse, backed by hordes of fairies.

At Brakebills, Julia greets Quentin. He asks her how Law School is doing, and she says she quit. She has to show him something. She flicks her fingers, and after a few false starts, her fingers produce sustained magic sparks.



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