Welters is a sport played by magical schools.
 The game is played on a large playing field divided into squares like a chessboard but with the field slightly longer than it is wide. The squares are made of different materials like water, stone, sand, grass, and a silvery metal. The game is played by two teams (usually composed of five players) who start on both ends with the aim of capturing as many squares as possible with magic. The squares represent a different location, along with a different set of circumstances.

Welters in BrakebillsEdit

The best Welters team in Brakebills is the Physicals team who managed to beat the Natural team. The Physicals also represented Brakebills in the international Welters tournament but were defeated in all their games. 

In the ShowEdit


S1E5 The students try to find a mentor for the course of their careers. To show the mentors the talents of the students, Brakebills organizes a Welters match. During this match, Quentin creates a spell, which destroys the roof of the building. But the mentors were impressed by his power. One of them asked Quentin, if he would like to hunt a River Dragon together.


THE MAGICIANS - 'Game On' - Syfy

THE MAGICIANS - 'Game On' - Syfy