A Word as Bond is a magical contract used to seal the terms of a pact.


Accompanied by a sigil drawn onto a piece of paper, the intended parties then draw blood and add it to the sigil, activating it. Then, they place the base of their thumbs onto the sigil, branding the spell onto themselves and sealing the bond.

Known UsesEdit

Julia Wicker and Martin ChatwinEdit

Wab sigil

Martin Chatwin agrees to the Word as Bond.

Following the Physical Kids' attempt to assassinate Martin Chatwin in Fillory, Julia Wicker and Martin formed a Word as Bond under the terms that, in exchange for having saved his life, Martin would help her track and kill Reynard the Fox.[1]Word as Bond is believed to be unbreakable, however as a deal with specific rules, one can find loopholes within the agreed upon rules.

Quentin Coldwater and Alice QuinnEdit

Quentin and Niffin Alice WAB

The Word as Bond is branded onto the parties involved.

Following her transformation into a Niffin, Alice Quinn was trapped by Quentin Coldwater's Cacodemon in the seal on his back. After Quentin discovered Alice hadn't been destroyed, he allowed Alice to control his body only if she agreed to a Word as Bond that limited her actions.[2]